OneCloud: View Cradle to Grave Call Information

OneCloud: View Cradle to Grave Call Information

Cradle to Grave Overview

The Cradle to Grave feature is an extension of the existing Call Trace functionality that allows office managers and resellers to troubleshoot issues by presenting high-level info in plain English.

The call trace is a comprehensive listing of a call’s flow. This is useful for isolating problems. By viewing the cradle to grave information, admins and office managers are empowered to see where a call may be failing, and be able to fix or report the issue without escalating to technical support.

Cradle to Grave Screenshot

View Cradle to Grave Information

To observe the Cradle to Grave information, log into the Portal and navigate to the Call History page. In V42, the Cradle to Grave icon now appears in the portal next to the Trace icon:

Cradle to Grave Button

Click the icon to see the Cradle to Grave information for the specific call:

Cradle to Grave Screenshot 2

If more information is needed, click the View SIP Flow button for a full trace.

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