OneCloud Meet: How to Schedule a Meeting

OneCloud Meet: How to Schedule a Meeting

1. Go to

Optional: Login to use your personal meeting ID or select a scheduled meeting from the homepage to use a random one-time-use meeting room.

2. Click on the Schedule Meeting icon, the following screen will populate.

3. Enter a Meeting title, Description is optional. Select a date for your meeting using the Calendar.

4. Select a Start time and End time. There are some options for selecting a frequency of Meetings (optional).

5. Select a Meeting type: Conference or Webinar.

6. Add any additional Moderators by email address, separating each email address with a comma.

7. Next, add your Attendees. You can add by using their email addresses, or by Uploading an attendee list in the form of a .CSV file. You can also click Optional Attendees as well.
8. A password to join the Meeting can be required by toggling te Off/On Require Password switch.

9. The following options can be turned On/Off based on preferences.


10. Lastly, click on the Save button. This action will create the Meeting and your attendees/moderators will receive emails with calendar invitations for the date and time of your Meeting.

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