OneCloud: How to Barge/Whisper/Listen In

OneCloud: How to Barge/Whisper/Listen In

This article will guide you through using OneCloud’s Barge/Whisper/Listen In features.

Only the following user types will have access to the features:

  • Office Manager
  • Site Manager
  • Call Center Supervisor
NOTE: a Desk phone is needed to be able to Barge/Whisper/Listen in to a call.

Office and Site Manager

You can initiate this feature within the Current Active Calls table, located under the Home tab. Select the Speaker icon, located on the same line as the call you wish to monitor.
Call Center Supervisor

You can initiate this feature under the Call Center tab. In the Agents table, find the agent you would like to monitor. The user should be displayed as follows. Select Speaker Icon to initiate monitoring.

Changing Feature

When a user answers the call, they will be in Listen In mode where they can only hear the two parties. Join Call will barge in and allow everyone to hear each other. The Whisper To option will allow the monitoring party and the user on the system to communicate but the external party will not be able to hear the monitoring user.

Please reach out to Support to enable the call monitoring features for your account.

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