AlertBlast: V1.0.1 Release Notes

AlertBlast: V1.0.1 Release Notes

AlertBlast is a modern, easy-to-use broadcasting solution developed to send alerts to a group of contacts individually within minutes. It can be scaled up to send thousands of simultaneous messages in seconds. Engage with your contact directly and effortlessly with a few simple clicks.


Alert Types

AlertBlast is one platform for all your notifications. Whether it’s texts, voice, or emails, you can manage them all from one easy-to-use platform. During this initial release, AlertBlast fully supports SMS & MMS. Additional notification types are coming soon!

  • SMS
  • MMS – Standard texts (SMS) are limited in size, send larger messages and images with MMS)
  • Voice – Coming soon! Utilize our automated voice message reader or upload an audio file.
  • Email – Coming soon!

Scheduling Options

  • Appointment Reminders – NEW!
    Set it and forget it! No more manual reminders. Simply upload a list of appointments to automatically send when the time is right.  Customers can reply to your appointment reminder messages and have one-on-one conversations using our conversations tool.

    OCBlast Appointment Reminders

  • Scheduled Sends – Scheduled alerts to send in advance.
  • Send Now


  • Unlimited Contacts – Import as many contacts and lists as you’d like in seconds!
  • Unlimited Contact Groups – Categorize your contacts into Contact Groups for easy sending.

Keyword Triggers

  • Automated Subscriptions – Grow your subscriber list with opt-in keywords.
    Webhooks – Create custom API calls to your services with webhooks.
  • Text Auto Reply – Trigger automatic responses to common questions or requests.
  • Queue Call Back – NEW! (Requires OneCloud Contact Center) Customers can text requesting a callback. They’ll automatically be put into the call-back queue in your OneCloud system.
  • Email – NEW! Sends an email notification.
  • Opt-Out Feature – Automated opt-out features mean you’re always in compliance.


NEW! View replies to your messages and have real-time one-on-one conversations with contacts.

Delivery Reports

Know if your message was delivered and measure success for each campaign.


NEW! With desktop notifications, you don’t need to worry about missing messages. You choose if you want notifications with a simple toggle.
OCBlast Notifications


Personalize your messages with tokens such as first name and last night, appointment time, and appointment description.

Salesforce Campaigns Integration

NEW! Add campaign contacts from Salesforce to OneCloud automatically and send them alerts.

OneCloud SSO

Sign into AlertBlast directly from the OneCloud Portal without needing another username and password.

OCBlast SSO from OneCloud

Message Limit and Usage Status Widget

OCBlast Widget

Multiple DIDs per account

Switch between send from numbers quickly with a drop-down allowing you to choose your phone number.
Share DIDs between accounts

Known Issues

  • Notifications are not interactable. Future improvements will include clicking the notification to go to the message you are being notified about.

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